Udemy Effective Use of Excel 2013 in Real Life Tutorial

by doneiap in on March 31, 2018
What you’ll learn
  • Know what you need to know to be effective using Excel 2013 in day-to-day business scenarios
  • Have a good overview of the major highlights of Excel 2013
  • Know how to effectively navigate large data sets, sheets and workbooks
  • Know how to sort and filter data to find answers hidden in data sets
  • Know how to modify and re-arrange data in a spreadsheet to meet various needs
  • Know how to effectively use a PivotTable to analyze data to see it from various perspectives
  • Know how to use Flash Fill to quickly modify data as well as traditional formulas to change how data is presented
  • Know how to use formulas to perform basic calculations
  • Know how to use IF statements, VLOOKUP and Named Cells to perform more advanced calculation
  • Students will need to have basic knowledge in using Microsoft Office applications. Viewers who have Microsoft Excel 2013 will benefit the most.

Do you wish you knew how to effortlessly navigate a spreadsheet and easily find trends and abnormalities in the data? Do you wish you could create informative reports that really show off your numbers? Do you wish you could save time by knowing how to effectively use Excel to re-arrange and clean up your data? If so, this is the right course for you!

Instead of walking through individual features of Microsoft Excel one by one, this course focuses on the end result and shows you how to accomplish typical business scenarios by effectively using Excel 2013.

The course is structured into 6 sections with a total of 11 lectures. Each lecture is taught by Productivity Expert and ex-Microsoft employee, Ulrika Hedlund who shares her extensive knowledge of using Microsoft Excel 2013 effectively. Each lecture contains high-quality, High-Definition tutorial videos showing step by step how to accomplish the covered scenario. Sample spreadsheets are provided where necessary to enable students to follow along and perform the steps covered in the lecture. Full transcripts with screenshots (so called “User Guides”) are available for download so that the steps covered in the lectures can be referenced at any time. To keep you focused and to provide a way for you to test your learning, quizzes are available after lectures and after the course as a whole.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is intended for all business professionals who want to learn how Excel 2013 can be used in various work-related scenarios and who want guidance on how to use Excel 2013 more effectively.

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    March 31, 2018

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    September 13, 2019

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